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Garena is an online game developer and publisher headquartered in Singapore. It is the Digital Entertainment Business under the parent company Sea Limited, which was formerly called Garena.

On this year a former employee wrote a review about how was working at Garena, with the title "Inexperienced management leading to weak decision and improper company structure", posted by Glassdoor: Intense workload with OT, meaningless works due to ever changing decisions by the leaders, limited growth and development as company does not care about staff development, tight deadline due to no proper work planning, favoritism practice on staff promotion, efficiency and effective is not encouraged.


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LOLSUCKer says

"Garena is greedy af. The launcher is the worst thing i\'ve ever seen in my life. It slows down my computer, sometimes even freezes it. Whenever it\'s updating my games, it takes about an hour just to download a 100mb patch (i got a pretty decent internet speed)."

vodka says

"Their website is trash af, I wish Activision released codm in asia not garena"

Tibber Bear says

"This launcher is LITERALLY the worst i've ever used in my entire life. Updates will start and stop at exactly 25% EVERY DAMN TIME for 20-30 minutes at times without indicating anything. Furthermore, while it's updating anything, the launcher will SLOW EVERYTHING in my computer down regardless of whether it's online or offline EVERY. DAMN. TIME making it a pain in the neck to use my computer while waiting. It has been like this for like 3 years on 2 of my computers so it's clearly not a pc problem. FIX YOUR DAMN LAUNCHER OR REMOVE IT SO I CAN PLAY LEAGUE WITHOUT IT!"

HustlinForDaBagzz says

"Signing up is terrible I make an account and when I try to log in tells me that my username doesn't exist, I hate them."

Sayonara Hoe says

"They only support Chinese people, they really hate everybody else.. and if you speak only English... forget about it."

Arushi Rajput says

"You remove Bermuda maps from free fire because i have bored in this verison i have not played rank matches in Pergutary so you remove Bermuda map"

F R Habibie says

"Garena Patch is the worst patch game ever, it cause error to my windows 10 system.

I complain to customer service but they ask for screenshoot.
How stupid to screenshoot windows error if you cant even use the keyboard when the windows gets error??

I always shutdown the pc to fix the problem.

I have too many patch game but they're okay never get stupid error system like garena."

Frank Hernov says

"My son wanted to play LOL, and this requires a profile at
By circumstance he was not able to play the game on his pc, and we logged into the profile to delete it.
This was not possible to do on the website, so I wrote customer support, and here is the answer:

"We have received your request for support.
We do apologize but for record keeping purposes, we would not be able to delete your account. But what we could do for you is we can change the email registered on the account. Please provide us a new Email Address that you would like to link with the account."

It is totally unaccetable that you are not able to delete your profile.
I reccommend NOT playing any games from

I just logged into the account to delete our email, and guess what, you are not even able to do this yourself !
There are serious privacy issues at !!!"

Ayush Verma says

"According to me this gaming company only making money from India I don't suggest you to buy any products of this company in game."

Paramneet Bajwa says

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